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For User

HAi!CO is a unique reward system platform that aims to serve as a community for Members and reward Partners. Members can earn rewards and obtain special privileges when Members choose to purchase or interact with HAi!CO reward Partners.
It’s easy! You can sign up via the mobile app, just download HAi!CO App from Google Play store on Android or Apple App store on IOS. After successful signed-up, search for your desired HAi!CO reward Partners and tap to join membership. Start enjoying your membership.
No, HAi!CO membership is absolutely free. However, certain reward Partners might impose a minor fee for unique privileges. 

Absolutely. You may wish to benefit from the different privileges offered through our range of reward Partners and that’s fine. The more the merrier!

No. You are required to select and join the membership of your desired reward Partner(s).

If you have problem receiving OTP from HAi!CO app, you can request it from any of our participating reward Partners.

No, your registered info shall be shared to reward Partners that you chose to joined only.

Unfortunately, rewards earned from individual reward Partners is not possible at this point to share or combine with other reward Partners in HAi!CO. Rewards and Redemptions are based on different rates by respective reward Partners. Should the situation change, you can be sure HAi!CO reward Partners will notify you about it.

Reward Partners are responsible for the rewards that they offer. In case you have problem on receiving rewards, please contact the respective reward Partners to seek assistance.

You may view transactions history of up to the latest 100 transactions from HAi!CO.
Unfortunately, we can’t reinstate expired points and/or vouchers. We strongly advise you to utilize HAi!CO to regularly keep track of your points and/or vouchers validity.
Point rewards will be credited immediately after purchase(s), except for point rewards submitted using receipts, which may take 1-3 days for verifications and approval. Please let us know by dropping an email to [email protected] together with a copy of your receipt for the transaction made at our partners’ store or, for online shopping, the online order ID, date and purchase amount.

Purchase receipt serves as a proof of purchase and it is required for us to claim the reward points from our reward Partners. You may request for a duplicate receipt from merchant and resubmit, however it is subject to individual reward Partners’ discretion. We hope you understand.

You will be asked to create a PIN during the first time login to HAi!CO.

The PIN is a 6-digit number required to authorize a redemption using the reward points.

To reset your PIN, go to > Account > click on Edit Profile > Change Redemption PIN > click Forgot PIN. A random PIN will be sent to your registered smartphone mobile number.

The safety of your HAi!CO account is our priority. Your account will be blocked if, in any circumstances, violates the HAi!CO terms of usage. For assistance to unblock your HAi!CO account, please click > CONTACT US  or email us at [email protected].
Please email us at [email protected] with details of your registration information, i.e. Name, Email Address and Date-of-Birth, for assistance.
All reward points earned and accumulated can be redeemed by showing redemption QR codes at HAi!CO participating reward Partners’ stores or via HAi!CO in-app Online Catalogue.

We are sorry but this is not possible. Once reward points are redeemed or burned, the redemption cannot be cancelled, exchanged or returned.

The App keeps you updated on your points balance, transaction history, latest promotions, reward Partners’ store location and redemption offers on-the-go. You can collect points by scanning your virtual card QR code that is in the app when you make a purchase at a participating reward Partners’ store.

Please contact the respective reward Partners for any membership cancellation/withdrawal.

You may go to App > Settings > Account Deletion to delete your HAi!CO account. Upon deletion, all your membership shall be terminated and your registered info shall be removed from HAi!CO and all joined membership.
You can email us at [email protected] Our Customer Service Team will get back to you in 48 hours.

For Merchant

Every business today is competing for customer trust. One of the best ways to build this trust is through gratitude and providing customers with an experience they can’t find anywhere else. Rather than spending your time finding new customers, you can start a loyalty program to grow the relationship with your existing customers. HAi!CO offers you a one-stop loyalty program and yet, fuss-free!
HAi!CO is a unique reward system platform that aims to serve as a community for Members and reward Partners. Members can earn rewards and obtain special privileges when Members choose to purchase or interact with HAi!CO reward Partners.
You can sign up here (  In just 4 simple steps, you are ready to start your loyalty program!
You can join us for FREE if you choose the Starter Plan to kickstart your loyalty program. But if you wish to benefit from all the HAi!CO features and take your brand to the next level, choose the Premium Plan today!

Yes, a serial of generic POSMs will be provided to you for your outlet display.

As a HAi!CO reward Partner, you can log in to the Partner Portal ( to manage your account and also the reports for all the transactions, subject to plans selected, through HAi!CO.

To become a HAi!CO reward Partner, you will need to prepare a mobile device (Android or Huawei) to install HAi!CO Merchant App to process reward points and any other transactions.

For Premium Plan Partners, a standard 1-year contract needs to be signed and agreed at the beginning of the relationship after which a yearly renewal will be required. For Starter Plan Partners, there will be no expiry date, but we will terminate your account if it has been inactive for 3 months.

We are a team of energized, motivated and experienced young people who have a common interest in helping and empowering SMEs by using HAi!CO App for retail loyalty program. Go to ABOUT US to find out our project experiences and team culture.